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1/07 Technology Tool Pick of the Month

Break down the classroom walls and join educators and explorers Will Steger, John Stetson, Elizabeth Andre, Abby Fenton and four Inuit hunters on a “1200-mile, four-month-long dogsled expedition across the Canadian Arctic’s Baffin Island. The expedition will be traveling with four Inuit dog teams over traditional hunting paths, up frozen rivers, through steep-sided fjords, over glaciers and ice caps, and across the sea ice to reach some of the most remote Inuit villages of the world.

Each day, the team will use innovative technologies to post video, images, sounds and text to the www.globalwarming101.com website, and communicate with online participants around the world. Students and teachers will integrate the educational curriculum components developed by the team into their coursework, and will participate in the expedition through research and forum discussion. During the week-long visits to each Inuit village, the team will listen to and document the Inuit’s experience with climate change. These collected images, sounds and stories will illustrate the dramatic climate-related changes happening in the Arctic: starving polar bears, retreating pack ice, melting glaciers, disrupted hunting and traveling, and the unraveling of a traditional way of life.”

Visit the global warming 101 web site and discover new ways to inspire your students, get real-world teaching resources, interact with Will Steger and learn first-hand about global warming, and match curriculum with state and national standards.


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