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Copyright in the digital age

Thursday, November 16, 12:30-1:30 Rhodes Hall room 203. A brown bag discussion with Library Director Irene Herold

Fair use is a convenient benefit of copyright law, particularly in an academic setting. Fair use allows educators to bring content to students that they might not have common access to. However, exactly how much content an educator is entitled to under fair use, or what form the content can be presented in, is often misunderstood. Use of copyrighted materials in a digital environment adds another layer of complexity in applying fair use.

There are really three pieces to the copyright puzzle, according to Library Director Irene Herold.

  • What is the law?
  • Where can I find resources on the law?
  • What licensed content is currently available for me to use to keep within the law?

Unfortunately, copyright law isn’t clear cut. Learn where to find resources to help you understand copyright and fair use, and how the use of the Internet, Blackboard, and other institutional repositories complicates the issues of content distribution and access.

As more people start posting original content online, they can also use their understanding of copyright to protect or properly share their own creations.


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