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Best Practices Fair: Friday, April 14

Sometimes the Instructional Technology Team has a behind the scenes role on campus, but we want you to know about all the other things we do. The Best Practices in Instructional Technology Fair is our way to show-off some of the technology efforts on campus and let faculty know what they could possibly be introducing into their own courses.

On Friday, April 14 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Mountain View Room of the Student Center the 2005 Grant recipients will discuss how they’ve introduced technology to their students; from digital video recording to podcasting.

Author Marc Prensky is this year’s keynote speaker, and he will speak to the challenges that students’ digital expectations present to educators who may wonder how to bring different technologies into the classroom, if at all. According to the bio available on his Web site, Prensky is focused on “reinventing the learning process, combining the motivation of video games and other highly engaging activities with the driest content of education and business.”

On the KSC campus Jenny Darrow and the Instructional Technology Team work with the Academic Technology Committee* to ensure that we are truly working toward faculty needs.

“The groups (Instructional Technology and ATC) have teamed up to offer a variety of activities that work toward this goal,” said Sue Castriotta, who is an Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department and the chair person for the ATC. “Each activity raises the campus-wide level of technology awareness and looks forward to where we want to go with instructional technology.”

Our goal is a moving target, but it should be. Technology is always improving (just ask the person who bought a “state-of-the-art” computer last year and is already looking to the latest upgrade). And what faculty wants will change as newer technology becomes available.

Instructional Technology offers workshops, TechBreaks and brown bag lunches to keep the campus in touch with what’s available on campus. Workshops are held throughout the academic year so faculty can become familiar with applications such as Blackboard or techniques such as professional Web page development.

Brown Bag lunches are a venue to share information, according to Jenny Darrow.

“(They’re) a chance to 'meet the experts', and a way to connect faculty with their peers,” she said. “In fact, the lunches have generated plenty of questions about audio and video streaming, the use of video for presentations, student led podcasts, Blackboard, and much more.”

Get a head start on technology ideas that could fit into your course work at the Best Practices fair. Talk with 2005 Grant recipients Klaus Bayr, Thomas Cook, Michael Hanrahan, Tom McGuire and Larry Welkowitz.

Grants are made available thanks to the Academic Affairs Division in collaboration with the Information Technology Group.

Be sure to join us next for our fall 2006 series of brown bag lunches. If you are interested in presenting for a technology brown bag in the fall e-mail Jenny Darrow, or call her at 8-2340

*The ATC is an elected group of faculty (3 per School, 1 from the Library) who represent the faculty voice of technology on campus. The ATC serves an advisory role to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and has 4 voting members on the College Computer & Information Technology Committee (CITC), which shapes the College’s technology plans including policies and budgets.


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